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Dr. Hill-Carter and sons Hardy and Patrick

Biography of  Dr.Camesha Hill-Carter

Dr. Camesha Hill-Carter is a professional speaker, motivational author, world changer, successful entrepreneur and life coach, who help individuals and organizations achieve their potential by inspiring the individual to accentuate, build and calibrate professional, private and personal relationships. An observer of human nature, Camesha noticed that there is a method in developing one’s potential. Being resourceful and optimistic, Camesha went on her quest to solving the question “How can I help people understand the limitless opportunities that awaits them?” As she delivered topics and expressed possibilities, epiphany struck, and “Live Your Destiny NowTM” was born.

From that day forward, the acknowledgement mantra became a guiding principle on how to harness the dream and power on the inside of a person and unleash the full magnitude of its essence into the world. Constantly relating to people, from all walks of life, Camesha emits confidence to those who need it, gives care to those who want it and the truth to those who desire it. Her charismatic style, mother wit and courageous stance draw you into the path you are to be on, moves you through your potential and into your destiny. Passionately, Dr. Hill-Carter walks with you through fear and helps you to conquer your obstacles that stand on the path of your journey.

Dr. Hill-Carter’s training is vast and varied. Growing up in a drug infested neighborhood in Shreveport, LA, Camesha rose through the ranks of education, while teachers and faculty called her inept, ignorant and impossible to deal with. She conquered those criticisms and received her Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) in Educational Administration in 2010; being first in both family lines to work toward such an accomplishment.

Starting in customer service as a teenager, Camesha worked in the corporate arena through college. Camesha became an educator and trainer through the tutelage of Louisiana State University- Shreveport. Seeing the need for more comprehensive leadership, Dr. Hill-Carter received her Master’s in Reading and English as a Second Language from Centenary College of Louisiana and a certificate in Administration from Lindenwood University.

Dr. Camesha Hill-Carter joined Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in the Spring of 1992 on the campus of Louisiana State University- Shreveport. As a faithful member of her collegiate chapter, Pi Pi, Camesha served as chapter historian, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, member of the Minerva Circle and chaplain. Through her travels she has been a member of Shreveport Alumnae, Grambling Alumnae, East Saint Louis Alumnae and her home St. Louis Metropolitan Alumnae. Her leadership includes National Chaplains’ Council, Alternate Delegate for 1993 Regional Conference, Regional Chaplains’ Council, DID trainer, Sisterhood Committee Coordinator and Co-chaplain for St. Louis Metropolitan Alumnae. Dr. Hill-Carter serves on several committees and worked with many others which include Social Action, Arts and Letters, Education, Scholarship, Metro Melodies and Rites of Passage. She served on the Luncheon Logistic and Registration Committees for the 2011 Regional Conference. Dr. Carter’s crowning achievement in Delta thus far was the keynote speaker for the 2012-2013 Scholarship Social. Dr. Carter is looking forward to continue to serve her chapter and the sorority diligence, dignity and decorum.

As an award winning author, Dr. Hill-Carter has written for Women of Excellence Magazine, Teaching K-8 and Learning Magazine. She also penned several books  I Was Lied To: Debunking The Happily Ever After Myth. Proverbs 31 Woman, Live Your Destiny NowTM: Understanding Who You Are  and  Fire UpTM 30 Strategies On Firing Up Your Potential And Living Your Destiny Now and I DARE YOU: 31 Days to Fire Up Your Potential and Live Your Destiny Now!

She is also a contributor to the book Black Male Teachers: Diversifying the United States Teacher Workforce, The RED Book, Spirit of District 8 Toastmasters. Currently, Camesha has completed her 5th book, I DARE YOU 2: Dream More.

 Currently, Dr. Carter works with homeless women to coach them in life skills as well as building their ego after their tragic experiences. She also works with students who are considered to be “lost” on anger management and behavior management.

Now an instructor at Rockwood School District, Dr. Carter emerges as one of the country’s leading expert on Empowerment for individuals, small and medium businesses. After hours of observing human behaviors, Camesha found a common theme; all human behavior is motivated. Using that thought, Dr. Hill-Carter developed a program that will help individuals and organizations find the disconnect and move forward on their goal, dream or destiny.


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