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camesha carter


About Camesha Carter Enterprises

Camesha Carter Enterprises, LLC (CCE) was established in Greenwood, Mississippi in 

2003 by CEO and Founder Camesha Hill-Carter, Ed.D. Dr. Carter is a professional speaker, 

motivational author, world changer, successful entrepreneur, and life coach, who helps 

individuals and organizations achieve their potential by inspiring them to accentuate, build and 

calibrate professional, private, and personal relationships.  

As an observer of human nature, Camesha noticed that there is a method in developing 

one’s potential. Being resourceful and optimistic, she went on her quest to answer the question 

“How can I help people understand the limitless opportunities that await them?” As she heavily 

contemplated and expressed potential possibilities, an epiphany struck, and Camesha Carter 

Enterprises was born. 

Dr. Carter possesses a passion to assist individuals in reaching their full potential, living 

out their destiny, and achieving success despite their circumstances and obstacles they may have 

encountered. She has done so and continues to do so through the art of public speaking and life 

coaching. Dr. Carter did not wait for others to discover her talents and abilities, but rather she 

created a platform for herself by establishing a public speaking and consulting company. 

The mission of Camesha Carter Enterprises is to help individuals and small and medium 

sized businesses turn their dreams into reality. The Core Values of CCE are: Integrity-The 

company holds strict adherence to a code of ethics that reflects in its transparency in working 

with its customers and on their behalf. Action-Oriented-The company works with each customer 

individually in an effort to create a plan that is specifically tailored to helping them develop their 

dreams and destiny. Perseverance-The company works with customers through phases of a 

process to insure that each person reaches their goals and objectives adequately and succinctly.

Since the establishment of Camesha Carter Enterprises in 2003, the company has 

expanded and now has offices located in St. Louis, Missouri and Dallas, Texas with an office 

scheduled to open in Shreveport, Louisiana in 2016.

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