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Fire Up! –Being Fearful

Did you know the worst that anyone can say is no? Did you know the worst that anyone can do is not do it? Why are we so are afraid to step out and do what we are supposed to do for our dream, goal or passion? Are we looking for approval and validation from a particular person, place or thing? Is that person or those people the only ones who can do it? Let me illustrate this point. I have been through two webmasters, four marketing people, several graphic designers and the list goes on and on. It is not that I can’t get along with people, I had deadlines and I could not wait on some. Others wanted to do what they wanted

to do and not what I wanted. Some just wanted to get paid and not do any work. If I was fearful of hurting their feelings and not having anybody to like me then guess what- Live YOUR Destiny NowTM will still be in my dream book. What is the fear that is driving you not to succeed? Find out about the fear, find its root and change your mindset of how you look at it. When it is all said and done, YOU are the only one who can fire up your potential and live your destiny now!

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