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Awakening- Change

“I don’t have to play in the sandbox any more”, as I was telling one of my clients. We were taking about Wednesdays post – Understanding the shift. Let’s face it. You have changed. You do not have the same pattern as before. You have made little minute moves and now you are in a different place. You are doing different things. You are pursuing different dreams, goals, or passions. You are changing people’s lives as they watch you achieve and dream. Are you really that same person from last month? Last year? Two years ago? Ten years ago? What part of the playground were you playing in before you decided to make a change? I went from the sandbox to the swings to the slide (Only Big Kids can play on the slide because they are not scared to climb up the stairs). I am not limited in skills nor am I limited in growth. Neither are you! Learn more about yourself and live your destiny now!

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