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Queen, it's okay! Music Tried to Make You the Side Chick

As soon as I turned on the car, the radio started to blast, “The fact that she don’t know, really turns me on…” My head starts bopping to the music and then it hit me - Xscape is talking about being the side chick. Wait! Hold up! You mean to tell me that I really been singing this song with my invisible background singers??? Queen, we have been hornswoggled and bushedwinked. How did we come to this impasse? What makes us hear these songs and sing them with all of our hearts and dance to them as if we were in a running man contest (80’s dance)? Not that I am giving us a pass on being somebody’s side chick - no,but Queen I am curious as to how we even got to this point in singing songs that will tear the very valves out of our body if we were the main chick... As my face turned up in confusion, I decided to do a little research. I looked in my genre and to see what songs tried to indoctrinate us in being the side chick. I am from Louisiana,where every Saturday morning until Noon you heard the Blues that you can use. As my momma,having that cigarette in her mouth with that Marcell straighten comb burning my neck with that green Afro-Sheen grease, I could hear her sing, “The walls were paper thin, in the motel that I was in…” Denise LaSalle would finish crooning how her world came tumbling down, and Z.Z. Hill will pick up with Cheating in the Next Room. I couldn’t hardly wait to get off that stool because Momma felt some of those lyrics and the ashes would fall and the straightening comb will hit my neck as I scream, “Momma!!! ” Coming into the house a little later, to get some water,(yeah, I was about to get my butt beat because I outside sweating my hair out) you could hear the double play of Shirley Murdock Husband and As We Lay. That was the 70’s and the 80s. Were there more songs? Yes, you may know a few, but we must rush on to the 80’s. If you were a preteen or teenager in the 80’s, you were prone to have side chick tendencies. Luther Vandross asked for Only for One Night, then turned around and asked you to be Creepin.’ On top of that, Whitney Houston sang, Saving All My Love for You! The married dude told her love gives you the right to be free- not if you are connected boo. I am just saying. Salt-N-Pepa had us investigating “Whose in my daybed at night?” While we were trying to understand the warning of Whodini with their hit track Friends. Moving into the 90’s with the new jack swing, other genres of rap and R&B, we get Babyface, singing with the Deele, I only think of you on two occasions? Then he gets Pebbles involved with Love Makes Things Happen. Timberland and Aayliah kicks off a funky beat with If Your Girl Only Knew while Mary J. lullabied us with I Can Love You with Lil Kim in background rapping: “Who you lovin', who you wanna be huggin? Dippin on ya Ninja Honda with Tanisha and Rhonda, Wha!” - is this the part when we started to elicit the help from our friends? I don’t know?? But here’s the twist, through self care and self love, you will not want even the tendencies of being as side chick. You will want to be whole and Queen you are! Happy Valentine’s Day. 

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