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Awakening- Maturity

As I began talking to one of my clients yesterday, he started saying that he received a call from a friend he knew twenty years ago. He realized that in twenty years this person is still talking about things my client has grown from. My client asked me, “Sometimes, it is good to know you have grown up isn’t it?” Of course, my reply was simple, “Yes.” You are not the same as you were five days ago, five months ago, or even five years ago. You will only have two directions to go in - you will grow up or digress down. The most significant thing out of the two growth patterns is that you have a significant choice on what to do when and where. You mature when you learn the lessons. The old adage is hind sight is 20/20. That means you can see clearly the whole issue, learn what every major player role was and how they effected or affected the person you are today. Bitterness is a seed that stop producing growth. It chokes the very life out of a person. ( I know first hand.) Forgiveness is a sign of maturity as well as a seed of growth. Let’s face facts- there are some people who are going to do some stupid things. There are others who will do horrific things. Are you going to allow those dastardly deeds keep from growing more and make you bitter? I hope not! Those issues are the very things that make you realize that you are above the foolishness and you are created to live your epic destiny now!

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