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Awakening- Loyalty Programs

As we come to the close of this month, I want to wrap things up with loyalty programs. Have you ever asked yourself why you are loyal to a particular person, place thing or idea? Regardless of the relationship that you have with that noun, you still remain loyal. Let me give you an example. I find myself shopping at Walgreen’s more often because I have this loyalty card. The beauty of this card is when I get to the register I get at least $10.00 taken off the price because I buy special marked items. On the flipside of that, I am angry with my Walgreen because they changed the pantyhose they

carry. So instead of going to Walgreens every week, I go once a month. What I am trying to convey is that we are only 100% in when things are going our way. Once a person, place, thing or idea becomes difficult to deal with, we drawback. Reflect on how the relationship between you and the other noun are interdependent on one another. So in order to live your destiny now, do you remain loyal or move on?

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